Yahoo Confirms Testing With Google Powered Search Results Now

20 Jul

Where both were going on their ways being the most popular, now the news has breakout like wildfire about the recent collaboration of Yahoo with Google for testing google powered search results from now. With respect to the latest deal cracked between famed Microsoft and Yahoo with Google, now the change will slow google search results for Yahoo. Earlier Yahoo used to use only power Microsoft’s search engine Bing, but from April, they have started for some new testing with other new partners for search results.
Now instead of Microsoft’s powered Bing, Yahoo will be testing with google powered search results. From SEO Book, Aaron Wall affirms that Yahoo will seriously be testing Google’s results and additionally on this the company was also found commenting that –
“As we work to create the absolute best experience for Yahoo users, from time to time, we run small tests with a variety of partners including search providers. There is nothing further to share at this time.”
Google has always been too popular and worldwide famed for its amazing and most commonly used search engine results and on the other hand Yahoo has also been one of the top names in this sector. Now both are coming together with a new and interesting twist by google powering Yahoo search results.
People are quite interested and looking forward for this change and a new deal between the two big names. For the record, Yahoo has shown an elastic search result in search engines page. Now with prior to its new deal, 51% of its total desktop traffic will show Bing ads whereas rest part of the ads will be drawn from either its own Gemini System else from the rest of the partners of Yahoo.
Presumptions are being made that Yahoo has finally stepped with comprehensive deals with Google team or perchance the action is in the go. One can take a look at the difference between both search results powered by Bing and Google in the photos updated on the) internet. Main differences have been pointed out in as google giving top ad color as blue whereas Bing used purple, in Bing clickable area was entire but in google it is only heading, Bing offered many site links whereas google offers fewer, ad star rating color for Bing was blue bug incase of google it is yellow, ad labels of Bing were on right side of each ad URL but google shows one time in grey color above all ads.
Not only these are the basic differences users are going to experience with new Yahoo testing with Google search results but a lot is yet to come in the way

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