What is UX design?

29 Aug

The overhaul of website again and again in several elements doesn’t guarantee the engagement of user and increase in traffic. Businesses alter so many things on a website including graphic design, content, web development Aberdeen (coding) continuously, but they forget the major thing UX design. UX design means understanding the general activities of the people and then designing a way to make it better.
UX design takes care of all those elements like web development, images, content, navigation, ease of use etc. to help users have fun while accessing your site. It directs them to the call to action page in the way you want. The landing page is designed with keen eyes to every specific details which reduces bounce rate considerably.
The role of UX designer
Like every designation in an organization, there is no particular role you can define for this position also, but sets of tools and techniques are utilized by UX designer to transform the brand.
A wireframe is a rough guide for the layout of a website, software or app. This used to be done as a series of static pictures, however there are several tools available today in the market to revamp the UX.
as UX design is dedicated to the user experience, so getting targeted audience involved into this is key to success. Users are allowed to sit in front of the website, and perform certain pre-planned tasks. It gives a fair idea about what to expect from the user when they land on your page, so that you can offer them the ultimate experience.
As mentioned, UX designer performs several tasks beyond this also to help you engage and retain your targeted audience without being flashy or aggressive advertising. So, they have an important role in growing company.

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