Web Development – Are you ignoring the significant part out of your ideas?

14 Jul

Most of the developers spends days and nights off on their website projects twinkling their eyelids like a machine and utilizing their deep cornered buried ideas to introduce something unique and new in their service that will bring them on top. How their site must look like and what possible measure can be taken to implement only best for getting a perfectly functional website as they had wanted is what takes long debates and discussions among the design and developer teams.
And when after so much of toiling and hard work once they’re done with the work, at the end they end up ruining the whole scene by slapping off some content on the pages. And for the fact, they won’t tell you what’s it and what content must have been there? Just cut some news from the recent brochures, add on few new releases and what you are left with is something you already have done years back. How much does it matter is something out of their disclosure before you and what they are going to tell you is only what color matches with what font and what design is more suitable but one of the most significant part of web development is somewhere left out still in the darkness of flashy things.
Do you really don’t give a moment to think that are the customers that you are going to browse your site will choose you for what color you have panted the site and what font style have you chosen, or for how flashy your site appears? Or rather they’ll search you for your information provided that they’ve seeking out every next site. People out there in form of potential customers are trying to test your skills and what you have in to offer them for fulfilling their need at most and not that how entertaining your website might be.
And to ensure that there is suitable info published on the site as per the design and readability, the soul is CONTENT. Whatever be it they’re planning to buy from you, until it’s not well written and conveyed through words to the reader, doesn’t matter how catchy one’s website be; all web design and development tactics will fail. Accept the fact when designing or developing a site that users want to know something; something of their use hence they visit your site so design and develop site in such a way as to support enough readable content on your page.
Readable counts here of only the useful message and not that content is important means posting whole page of words here. Human nature of web design and development teams urges them to ignore the usefulness of content in this process, but given the priority, you can intimidate users greatly and increase the scope of web design and development largely by content.

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