How endorsement affected ecommerce giant Snapdeal around thanksgiving

4 Dec


Thanksgiving was around the corner, along with several lined up festivals in upcoming months, but it didn’t work out good for this company. Important point to be noted that Thanksgiving is not celebrated in India on big scale, however ecommerce field is smart in utilizing into their favour to promote sale. Snapdeal, one of the India biggest ecommerce, is suffering a jet lag now after being on a flight of sale for years, due to its connection with celebrity Amir Khan.

Mr. Khan is the brand ambassador, and recent comments by him on intolerance has received a lot of derision from political parties and people (twitter is trending with hashtag pertaining it). However, most of people didn’t understand his point of view thoroughly and showed more interest in proving him right i.e. being more intolerant and obscene towards him. As a result, many people emphasized their disgust by down voting the app and uninstalling it. But some people especially political parties and their companion took it very far, and by far the issue is not calming down.

Mr. Khan, the same person behind the incredible show “Satyamev Jayte” and brand ambassador of Indian tourism helped a lot to strengthen this country by touching untouched topics and untouchables on his show. He uncovered the social issues from all the angles, but one comment made him be the target of haters. He remarked he feels unsafe in this country and sometimes ponder to move out with family and backed this statement by all those horrific incidents happening in country especially sensitive religious matters. When you go through such situations, such thoughts easily cross-over your head, but he made a mistake of confronting it.

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