How combination of graphic design and colours can influence the customers

29 Aug

No doubt great graphic design has greater appeal on the audience including people from Aberdeen. The online business is proliferating rapidly here, which subsequently pushed many businesses to revamp their graphic design on website in order to make a strong presence in the market. However, the audience finds the design enticing on many websites, but the use of colours is not leaving a great impact on consumers’ mind. If you would like to engage, grow, and retain your customers; then you should definitely know how to play with colours.
Colours has a big role in evoking emotions such as happiness, excitement, eager, confidence, and even action to your call. Different colours have different impressions on minds of people. Some are known for producing an energy field around them, some of known for sadness, and some are for provoking desire. So, choosing the right colour creates the right field which can help a lot in promoting your business.
Now comes the age and gender! Age and gender is known for influencing people choice in every aspect of life including colours. Women tend to be more attracted towards pink, purple, and green whereas they find orange and grey as repelling. However, “Orange is the new black”, so there are people who just love it. Orange is the colour you are likely to find on call to action button. As far as men are concerned, they are more into blue, black, and white. Purple, pink, and orange don’t compel them. Kids are more attracted by vibrant colours regardless of its base colour (with exceptions). Despite all of the facts, you cannot stick to something for long time, rather keep on testing. In case of millennial, you have to test more because this generation is very fast and hastens in changing preference.
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