Google Patent “Watch Time” as a New Ranking Factor in Search Results

10 Aug

A patent allowed to Google this week may be a sign of how the search giant plans to rank video content later on. This news has left the internet companies again in thoughts as to how this new patent of google will affect the search engine ranking and come out as a new keyword factor for their video contents displayed.
Recently it was seen that the patent that diagrams Google’s proposed routines for ranking the relevant content of the new found keyword ‘watch time’.
While this sounds like it is focused on the video related content on the whole, ‘watch time’ might likewise indicate to what extent somebody (user or the viewer) keeps focused on a page they have found in the search result lists, paying little mind to the content it contains. This new factor will not be ranking the video on the basis of what content does it holds rather on the basis of the view time that a user spends on a particular video file.
The patent clarifies how a ranking score may be relegated to content taking into account to what extent individuals for the most part spend watching that content. Scores may be balanced, and hence supported or brought down in search results lists, as per the viewing propensities connected with the particular content or video.
A piece of the patent synopsis says:
“This blueprint portrays how a system can conform a score for an output that recognizes an asset and was acquired in light of a search inquiry to reflect the visitor’s watch times of the asset, e.g. the times that visitors spend watching the displayed video content. As a result, the framework supports the score for a query output if users generally have a tendency to watch the content for more duration of time, and may downgrade the score if visitors measurably have a tendency to watch the asset for shorter spans of time.”
Watch time is a known ranking factor on YouTube, whereby the calculation advances videos with longer view sessions as opposed to those that get the most clicks. It is a crucial and effective keyword that is going to become a changing factor for the video content rankings on the net.
Google has a help focus article about Watch Time Optimization – something that may help to be acquainted with if Google is, truth be told, dealing with an approach to convey this new ranking factor to its center search product.

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