Google Confirms Quality Check With Phantom Update

9 Jul

From years we have seen google always tweaking the internet market users and businessmen in one way or the other by launching new updates and technologies. For instance if a person keeps on focusing in developing such strategies as to bring benefit to their business in current technical terms of google and when they are about to launch it google again plays the ace card and introduces a completely new updating that ruins other’s plans at all.
This time also google has decided to go for new twists by confirming the quality update of all sites. Known as the “Phantom Update”, this new confirmation from google has been acknowledged for re ranking the content in terms of quality and originality. Though it might not be termed as a new Panda Update but still the term has got in it checking the content quality and capability.
In terms of Google, what means and qualifies as Quality Contents is –
1. Descriptive and Effective – The content placed in the webpages must be related to the goal of business and theme like a holiday website must include content on locations, offers and prices etc.
2. Better than the Rest – Google ranks only those sites on top that provides a unique and different content than the rest of millions on internet. Hence an engaging yet properly written content is what you need to be posted on your site that can bring user to your webpage instead of others.
3. Credibility – A site with original and own invented search, links, content, reviews, portfolios and quotation is what can make you stand out on updation. Including your happy client’s comments and recommendations on your webpage is yet another way of holding the trustworthiness of customers and increasing your repo.
4. Appealing – A site must be appealing to the user so that they find it quite attracting and engaging when they visit it at a glance and are forced to stay by their eyes.
5. Efficient Content – Content lays great impact no repo and readability of a site hence a good and catchy content is a must with a unique style and correct language use.
6. Media – Don’t go for only media as your only platform for publicizing yourself. Too much of advertisement, media and all can ruin it for you or make things difficult by enabling distractions for user.
7. Be Original Be True – Show your correct side and only true information to the visitors as any fake image or excess boasting will lonely result in visitors not trusting your site or brand. Avoid giving wrong or incomplete links, grammatically wrong content, too much ads, or comment spamming or forum spams.
Following these rules, you are good to go with the google confirmed quality update and need not to worry.

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