Bing is ready to change your mobile experience

29 Aug


Little late, but Bing has officially their own version of mobile friendliness testing tool.
Bing already promised the launch of mobile friendliness test tool in May 2015, but it finally happened today. Now, in the mid of November, they have officially introduced the world with this tool which will check the responsiveness of site for mobile through several algorithmic factors. Google launched the same tool around one year ago, so it is going to be very tough for Microsoft to even challenge the Google. But it is an exciting news for Bing users as they would be able to view content without stressing themselves.
What are the criteria it evaluates to determine its mobile friendliness-
• Width of page content.
• Viewport and Zoom control configuration.
• Readability of text on the page.
• Spacing of the links and other elements on the page.
• Use of incompatible plug-ins.

Bing has also published a blog highlighting why a website could fail in matching the above criteria. So, if you have considerable traffic on Bing, then you should definitely consider optimizing your site according to your requirements.
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