Are you encountering with error code 8 in outlook?

25 Nov


Every now and then people are getting confronted with outlook error code 8 which basically conveys the flaw in security certificate of the proxy server. Despite fixing the security certificate issue, the issue doesn’t fix which leads many users into ferhoodle. So, what should you do in such case especially when you needed some information from recent mails to take into account? But before that, you must know a little about this complication.
Security certificate missing or not trusted
Outlook has been the premium yet trusted choice of most users. The desktop mail offers more than simply emailing and ensures that all kinds of business needs are fulfilled alongside the provision of Personal Information Management facilities. Nevertheless, technical errors tend to emerge no matter how perfect an application is or claims to be.
The issue that this blog is referring to generally occurs when Outlook is used in offline mode, i.e. when Outlook working in connection disconnected from the server. As part of the consequences, email data access is lost by the users which is generally knows as error code 8 computer terms. The reasons for such trouble may be –
•    Not purchasing the Security certificates in Exchange Server from a reliable                             certification source.
•    If the certificate is acquired from a reliable source, but isn’t published on the local                machine as a Trusted Root Certificate Authorities.
How to fix it
Some of the solutions are applicable only when the certificate has been self-assigned and is not added as the ‘Trusted Root Certificate Authorities’. Close Outlook while applying these fixes:

• Publish the certificate on the end user machine and trust it
• In a condition where the certificate is already installed and is still not being trusted,            click on View Certificate option. Select ‘Install Certificate’.
• Disable any / all third party add in that may probably be causing the trouble.

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