5 Top Steps to Create Your Own Website

5 Aug

A definitive objective of all web designers is to make an amazing, effectively available and useful website that permits visitors to do something on their site. Be that as it may, making such sort of site obliges a decent graphic design, simple and programmed website navigation, sensible website design and great web copy.
In this post, there are given the 5 top key steps you have to take over to make a site for your own:
1. Registering a Suitable Domain Name
The main thing you need to do is to pick the suitable domain name identified with your business or products/brands, and so forth. This takes just a couple of minutes and you possess the name till you pay the yearly expense and renewal charges.
2. Getting a Good Web Host and Signing Up an Account and Initiate Build Up
Web host is an organization that keeps up your site and gives you email addresses, facilitating space, social networking websites addresses and much more. You should sign up for a new account with a professional web host to get your site an effective home page. It relies upon the sort of site you need to make. Case in point, if you need to make a data site, then you can use assembled built-in-templates that accompany the blogging platforms. For this, you can pick WordPress; it is a standout amongst the most famous site building choices today. If you prefer not to use WordPress, then you can use whatever other programming. Another option is Site Build It (SBI). This is a unique sort of host that focuses on the newcomers who need to profit with good content, or registered websites (like Google AdSense).
3. Go with Google Webmaster Tool (GWT)
When you make your site, you need to make a Google Webmaster Tools account, so that Google will have the capacity to recognize your site. When you enlist with Google Webmaster Tools, follow the rules they provide for setting up a sitemap. Sitemap is only an XML record that shows every one of the pages in Google.
If you use WordPress for making a site, there is a plugin by Yoast that permits all pages in your website to be listed and makes a sitemap on your account. In case you use Site Build It (SBI) rather than WordPress, then it doesn’t have any plugins to make sitemap yet it does that itself manually and submits it to Google.
4. Online Store
a) If you need to publicize your products on your site, then go to WordPress and set up the ecommerce plugin.
b) The second alternative is to use some service like Web Marketing Magic. It is only an ecommerce framework complete with autoresponders, email and other components.
c) Next, buy an ecommerce add-on or shopping cart add-on for your site. Get a fixed web host for this purpose.
5. Outsourcing Website Programming
If you aren’t familiar with tool installation, plugins, and so forth, go to sites where independent developers over there will do that for you. Simply sign up for an account and tell them your needs. In a couple of minutes, software engineers will respond with their price. You don’t have to fear whether it is protected or not as you don’t have to pay them until you are fulfilled by their work.
So fellows, simply buy a domain and web hosting and offer it to the coders; they will do everything for you past your expectations.

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