10 Simple SEO Mistakes to Stay Off From

8 Jul

Internet world is whole lot like an ocean and users are like the divers, making sure that whenever they come in to find, they find your pearl first is not an easy task but through effective SEO campaigns it can be achieved without much discomfort and distortion in this neck cut competitive market. But is SEO all alone enough for this or do you omit many mistakes during your SEO campaign that even after having everything sorted does not brings you desired results? Well, you must be making any of these 10 simple SEO mistakes you should stay off from.
Let’s have a look on these with some brief description –
1. Ignoring Content – Content is nowadays the heart of a website and only it provides the exact reason to a user as to why choose a particular site or service? Many of you do not pay much attention on the content importance and as a result ends up listing in second, third or farther pages.
2. SEO and SEO Everywhere – Well, it is true that when we are taking about SEO so that does means you must focus on that but laying your emphasis only on SEO can become one of the basic mistakes that you can do to your website performance.
3. Where’s the User – User is the target of every website and every single activity done including SEO but do you exactly know where your user interest lies in your SEO practices? Mold your SEO strategies according to the user’s comfort and ease plus opinion so that the search results in what they are exactly looking for finds in you.
4. Do you follow Plagiarism – Swiping other website’s content into yours can be a door out from the ranking on google as content plagiarism is strictly prohibited for a website’s success and if you are found doing that then it not only ruins your repo but also can do much of the worse things like de – indexing or sealed website.
5. Identical Web Contents – Google ranks only those website higher that have unique and engaging content on their every single web pages. Avoid placing similar or duplicate content on all web pages so that your sites also reaches audience interest and google terms.
6. Left Out Tags – Is the tag main thing you don’t focus upon thinking what great use it will do for you? Tags are responsible for showing audience as well as google what your website is all about and based on so avoiding tags can also ruin your SEO results up to large extent.
7. Unresponsiveness – Haven’t you optimized your site into mobile version yet? It is responsive era and sites with mobile version rules the net so make sure you don’t neglect to utilize SEO for the mobile platform for your website.
8. Image Optimization – SEO optimization for images is required as how perfect google can be it can never see the images like audience. So encrypting images into codes and descriptive file names is a must.
9. Traffic Phobia – SEO is all about gaining only the potential customers that can benefit your business and professional goals and not that only increasing the number of visitor counts as website’s success. So focus on reaching high number of right customers through right content and not the scads.
10. Complex Navigation – You may go for complicating the navigation of site thinking that google will be impressed but the fact is a simple navigation is what google easily searches and indexes sooner.
Well if you have clearly understood that these mistakes can bring disparity and differences in your SEO results so you are firm now on placing right and original content on your web pages without further copying and of course, rest of the golden points to follow upon.

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